Friday, April 23, 2010

Go figure...

During my 'unforced sabbatical' I said/liked/got to know/hoped/loved/hated/was made aware of/did/realised/discovered/understood/agreed/disagreed/laughed/cried/...

  • "United will beat Bayern Munich, even without Wayne " well, you know what happened...
  • Leonardo Di Caprio's Shutter Island...intense and twisted thriller.
  • a distant relative, an uncle I'm hoping to know better...
  • that I can really start doing something that I really really love...and get paid for it !
  • my new United t-shirts..all thanks to the ever generous mrs. wifey, yeay !
  • the obnoxious, nauseating attitude and utter arrogance of those so called 'penjawat awam'...'penjahat awam' is more like it.
  • a new makan place... somewhere in Bangi, just off Precint 16.
  • went back to KK, KB and TG (Kota Kinabalu, Kota Belud and Taun Gusi for the dearest hometowns)
  • that all is not so good at the work place.
  • jottings and lazy scribbling from an 'ancient' notebook were actually a list of things I haven't accomplish yet...procrastinators anonymous here I come
  • that Iyang's (that's what I call my grandmama..) love knows no boundaries.
  • with mrs. wifey that both of us are getting 'cuter' (read : fatter) by the day !
  • with mrs. wifey that both of us need to start a rigorous diet...
  • at myself
  • on the 31st of March 2010..