Tuesday, April 14, 2009

make or break at Estadio Do Dragao

AsSalaam and hola everybody,

I was quite dumbfounded actually when I wanted to write a new posting today, the reason being I can't decide whether to comment on the latest twists in Malaysian politics i.e, the BN Terengganu State Representatives debacle OR the apex court's decison on the Datuk Seri Zambry vs Perak State Assembly Speaker case OR the Tan Sri Muhyiddin's so-called 'twisted words' on the Chinese support OR should I just focus on the all important clash, between Manchester United FC against FC Porto in the 2nd leg of the UEFA Champions League Quarter Final, hmmmm.... decisions, decisions. After much deliberation over countless cups of tasteless Neslo Ais at my local mamak joint, I just can't resist the temptation of making a prediction on the score for the Man United clash and the thought of putting my neck firmly on the guillotine for all the Man United natsayers out there seems a very good prospect this time of the year. Here goes...

Now, let's start with the negatives of Man United going over to Porto tomorrow night. Uno, FC Porto is clearly the favorites to go through after their fearless performance at Old Trafford, dos, Man United needs a high scoring draw or a straightforward win to advance to the next stage, a scenario made even more intriguing for the fact that NO British teams have ever won at Estadio Do Dragao in 12 attempts, but rest assured Man United have won on Portuguese soil before when they beat both Sporting Lisbon and Benfica a few seasons back, tres, Man United seems to be out of form, out of favor and out of sorts these past few weeks and are literally limping their way towards the end of the season. Whilst this might be the case, it's obvious that United have played in more games than any of the top four teams in the Barclays' Premier League this season and travelled the globe more than Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC combined. For United fans though, all is not lost! The positives are, err... emm... well... ehhemm...yes, the positives are Manchester United Football Club is not just any other club, it embraces challenges such as these and I for one believe that there will always be a first for everything. To accomplish this, United definitely needs to call upon the best of forms for its forwards and full concentration from the first whistle to the final blow for its defenders. Cristiano should be fresh after playing just 30 odd minutes against Sunderland and boy do we need him now.
Dimi Berbatov said earlier in the season that he joined United to play in the grandest stage of all and nothing comes bigger than the UEFA Champions League, critics have come down hard on him and say that he's not justifying his own high standards when playing in recent weeks, but we know for a fact that Dimi has the class and unquestioned ability to do just that. Whatever team that Sir Alex Ferguson will be putting out tomorrow, more than anything else Manchester United have to be UNITED. My prediction for the clash is 1 - o to United with Wayne Rooney scoring the decisive goal, come on you Reds!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The score is Pakatan Rakyat 2 - Barisan Nasional 1

AsSalaam and hello everybody,

Belated congratulations and well done are due to all Pakatan Rakyat's voters, supporters, campaigners, party workers and not forgetting the candidates of the Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai by-elections. Now let me set something straight, I for one have constantly regarded myself as a Man United fan/blogger first and socio-economic-political-general blogger second, but as you all can see for yourselves my political affiliation and aspirations are obvious.
Naturally, for the recently concluded tri-by-elections I was hoping for another clear message from the ballot box be sent to the powers that be. Now, receiving a message is one thing, but interpreting a message is definitely another. Out of the three by-elections, Pakatan Rakyat won at Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau with more majority than last year's General Election, and lost the Batang Ai seat to Barisan Nasional. What makes me turn red all over is the way these Barisan Nasional leaders insult our intelligence everytime they're campaigning. Having an advantage of 'horse riding' the crony-controlled media in attacking, lambasting the Pakatan Rakyat leaders is used to the maximum without ever thinking the consequences.
Pre contest, we see endless statements and claims from Barisan Nasional leaders that they have what it takes to start afresh with glorified stature for the word 'reform', 'transparency' and what not takes place almost instantenously from the lips. Post contest, another trend sets off with more reserved comments, as if putting on that woeful faces will score them any sympathy from the rakyat. As I see it, the rakyat are better at interpreting messages.

P/S - My beloved Manchester United were held to a 2 - 2 draw by Porto FC at Old Trafford, earlier this morning. A monumental task awaits...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Remember the name !!!

AsSalam and a very pleasant evening,

As you've might have noticed, that up there is none other than the hero for Manchester United against Aston Villa yesterday... yup, it's Frederico Macheda or simply 'Kiko' to the rest of the Man United squad.
He has definitely become an overnight celebrity for that sublime goal past Brad Friedel at Old Trafford when things were looking pretty grim for the Red Devils, a draw with Aston Villa would mean Liverpool stayed top of the Barclays' Premier League but Kiko repaid Sir Alex Ferguson's trust in him by scoring a goal which looked like a combination of a 'Cryuff turn' to shrug off Luke Young's attention before curling in a wonderful shot from the edge of the box. Man United won 3 - 2 and I honestly think United fans all over the world celebrated like crazy!
Let's just hope that Kiko will go from strength to strength after this and become another star at Old Trafford, from what we've seen so far during yesterday's match, Kiko has what it takes.

Now it's 8 games to go and the race to the finishing line is at full throttle!

Friday, April 3, 2009

What happens now ?

AsSalam and hola everybody,

It's Friday and that only means one thing right, it's the start of the eagerly anticipated, much appreciated, highly regarded WEEKEND ! The thing that strikes me the most about blogging (although I can't claim to be a prolific blogger) is that whether you're writing an entry about how you feel about a certain issue or about which movie you watched the other day and how bad it sucks...you are bound to have critiques, naysayers, and people who just doesn't concur with your views. Erm... it's okay though, everyone is entitled to their own views right ?.
Now as for my blog, well let's just say that it still is very much a personal affair, as much as I would like to, I really really want to avoid writing about politics, particularly Malaysian politics. As all of you might have known by now, Malaysia has a new Prime Minister in the form of Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak. IF you're an avid reader of Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, New Straits Times or The Star newspapers, you watch TV 3 or RTM 1 and 2 religiously, chances are you'll be viewing this so called 'power transition' as something inevitable or conventional even BUT and that's a very big BUT, IF you transcend the traditional print media and happen to read the new media which includes newsportals such as malaysiakini, The Malaysian Insider, harakahdaily or the blogosphere in general, it's anything but normal and conventional.
The country in it's almost 52 years of existence has never ever come across a Prime Minister-designate so entrenched with scandals and allegations that seems to taint him more and more with each passing day. The thing is, Datuk Seri Najib himself has done little to quash these 'rumours' let alone denying it strenuously in a way a decent man should. The last thing he needs right now is projecting a leadership which lacks integrity and heaping on a decidedly low confidence from the rakyat.
I believe things won't get any less complicated with the current 3 by-elections creeping slowly to it's climax. Whichever side you're on, please don't take my word for it but each and everyone of us is duty-bound as Malaysian citizens to choose wisely and fairly. Every single vote counts and the significance of these votes will ultimately chart the progress of our beloved country.
As for the rest, HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE WEEKEND !!!