Wednesday, February 10, 2010

resistance is not futile ! (part 2)

AsSalaam wrh. wbt. friends and foes,

Let's begin with an all too familiar question for the past couple of postings, how exactly do you silence the voice of the majority ? There are countless ways apparently here in Malaysia, you simply have to choose to your heart's content.

This seems to be the weapon of choice for those who walks along the corridor of 'super natural' powers. How else can you explain the absolutely blatant disregard of laws and utter arrogance of the powers that be ?

I might not be able to explain the finer, intricate legal details of what actually transpired when the five-men panel of judges of the Federal Court gave a damning verdict of 5 - 0 against Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin, but I can do one thing.

I refuse to be a mere by-stander in this hideous event, the real issue here is the manner at which the Federal Constitution and the Perak's State Constitution have been torn to pieces. I'm all for respecting the court's decision and let me be absolutely clear, this isn't about not being able to accept the judgment, the implications of the court's decision far outweighs all that.

It implicates that the majority's voice has been cruelly silenced ! It confirms the detrimental state of constitutionalism and the spirit of democracy here in Malaysia. It makes all for the worst considering the fact that the Federal Court can now be used to systemically 'annihilate' whatever that is left of our democracy.

The Malaysian judiciary might as well mark Feb 9th as the day it succumbed to lawlessness !

I was so inspired by this image that I just had to share it with my readers, and yes, I'm guilty of nicking this picture from Titi Serong's assemblyman, YB Idham Lim's blog (sorry YB...hehe). Just so you know, this picture was taken AFTER the verdict has gone against him okay ! Do you see any strand of sadness ? Any look of spiteful hatred ? Any little face expression that might suggest hopelessness or disappointment ? Not one tiny bit !

He's here for the long run, he's here and he will be there when the Perakians given the chance again to cast your votes, insya-ALlah...
He represented the voice of the majority when he was elected in 2008, and you can be damn sure he will be the representative of resistance against the tyrannies of our time !


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

resistance is not futile !

AsSalaam wrh. wbt. boys and girls...

How do you silence the voice of the majority ? The majority that refuse to bow down to intimidation of any sorts. The majority that feels cheated, shortchanged and denied their basic rights.

The answer to the question is pretty much everything the Glazers are doing to the match-going fans at Old Trafford nowadays. You sing an anti-Glazer song, you'll be ejected...hang an anti-Glazer banner, the banner will be pulled down in an instant... there have also been reports of season ticket holders being evicted from their seats and their tickets confiscated ! Now, that is just not nice at all.

Us, fans will have our say in the running of Manchester United Football Club whether the Glazers like it or not. We never liked them in the first place, we won't like them now.