Saturday, January 30, 2010

Romanticising the blogging experience.

AsSalaam wrh. wbt. everybody !!!

Gosh, I really really couldn't fathom why on earth it took me soooooo long to update nay, to write something of interest to me in this blog. One thing's for sure though, since that last entry of mine in September '09 (gasp!), I went through one of the most crucial and defining period in my entire life...

To tell you guys the truth, I don't even know where to start ! Anyways, I honestly think that it is only fit and proper that I reserve those moments in other postings in the future, insya-ALlah... but for here and now though, I'm just inexplicably happy that I'm slowly but surely getting back into the 'passion' and 'romance' of blogging.

Let's set the record straight, I blog about matters or things that I love, namely Manchester United, football, maybe a few books (if I'm reading any at all...) my life in general and a tiny weeny bit on Malaysian politics... okay, and here's the thing though, I've never claimed nor have I ever mentioned anywhere in my posts that I'm an expert/Nobel Prize winner/Time magazine personality of the year/big shot/Mr. Smarty Pants/guru/sage/Mr.Know-It-All on the entries that I wrote about, they're just MY personal opinions... whether you agree or not to what I think is entirely your prerogative. I'm all for cohesive discussions, sensible and responsible comments so that we can have what might resemble a decent discussion pertaining the subject matter.

Until next time, see ya guys around !!! Wassalaam...