Friday, August 19, 2011

Paul Scholes, he scores goals...(2)

AsSalamu'alaikum wrh. wbt. and hola everyone!

Every now and then, I suppose someone or something would just put a big, fat, teethy and gleeful smile on your face...I know I am, plus positively sure that I put on the biggest grin of the day when I got to know that Inside United published a 'double cover' issue to commemorate Scholesy's retirement! *shrieks*

The cover shows Scholesy in all his glory -in painting- and in full flight while smashing in THAT goal against FC Barcelona at Old Trafford in the UEFA Champions League semi-final second leg match. There's another shot of this famous goal that took United to the final in Moscow 2008 that I really really liked, if you've seen it, it's the one where Lionel Messi was in the background of the picture looking intently at Scholesy's technique and execution! If I remember it correctly, the ball wasn't even a pass from a United teammate, a loose ball that was moving all over the place and Scholesy just hammered it past a hapless Victor Valdes, but hey don't take my word for it, head on to and have a closer look peeps...

Here's a look into the content of this special section which I may add here looks a bit 'hastily done' by the mag's editorial team, but my guess is as good as anyone's, that this special section is only some sort of a prequel before a full-blown-all-exclusive-tell-all-no-holds-barred special edition mag of Paul Scholes! *pengsan*

This here are a few pages dedicated to Scholesy's brilliance in the United shirt, 10 of his best games picked and chosen before being relived in err... blushing pink!!! *say what!!?pfft*

Oh ya, I got to know another fun fact about Scholesy...he used to wear the evergreen, much loved, classic and legend-wait for it-ary Adidas football boot, World Cup! No, seriously, that's the name of the boot guys, it's called World Cup for real, of course not to be confused with its not-so-evil twin, the Copa Mundial which is equipped with a full 12 studs instead of the 6 on the other. I can understand the popularity and of course quality of the Adidas World Cup boot at the time was enormous, but dear Scholesy, why you wanna change to those pesky Pony football boots after that? Aiya, you ah...sometimes you really like to make my blood go upstairs lah, and don't make me start on your tackling! *shhhh...*

to top it all off, a Scholesy book will come out !!! I don't actually know when but rest assured, for all the 'Ginger Ninja' fans out there you can pre-order from or at any other major online book retailers...yippee! just to get your freak on, it is "the first and only book by one of the greatest players of all time" heh, eat your heart out Theo Walcott!

ahhh...I missed him already *tsk,tsk,tsk* did any of you guys see him at The Hawthorns? the United bench looks quite peculiar without him, what more the United team on the pitch but I've said this before and I'll say this again, Scholesy, you're a GENIUS !

Wassalam guys and ciao !

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