Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baju baru, semangat juga kena baru.

AsSalam wrh. wbt. to all United and non-United fans,

Looks like Manchester United will be among the earliest of the Barclays' Premier League clubs to unveil their new home kit for season 2009/2010. Best news of all, Malaysian fans will be the first in the world to watch them play in this newly designed gear LIVE at Stadium Nasional, Bukit Jalil on July 18th !

manutd.com started the ball rolling with a series of teasers which includes Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Park Ji - Sung showing tremendous form in modelling the new kit. Deliberate shadowy effects covered most part of the shirt but still you can see a fair bit of the club logo, the Nike swoosh logo and the shirt sponsor, AIG.

Although we can't be quite sure just as yet how will the new shirt looks like, the ads actually left a tad too little to the imagination. The Nike designers who dug deep and swamp themselves with United jerseys of past might have took a lot of inspirations from the days of Newton Heath in the early 1900s, what with the significant and highly visible 'V' shape just off the chest area.

Man United's jerseys along the years

Nike has said that the new home kit which will be worn by the players during their pre-season tour of Asia next month, will in effect celebrate the 100 years of Old Trafford, hence, the distinctive and almost retro design of the shirt. The Manchester United team that moved to Old Trafford after years of playing at Bank Street, won the league championship in 1909, a second triumph for the Red Devils. So, here's hoping to a record breaking 19th league championship medals for the squad next season.

Rio is absolutely right when he says that "This club has always taken pride in its history - it acts as an inspiration to all of us and it's great to see it represented in the new kit".

I just think that this shirt looks imposing - well you can say that to the majority of United's previous kits anyways - but it does gives the players an advantage of sort. I just can't wait to get my hands on those shirts arrgggghhhhh !!!

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